The Real Value Of Hardwood Flooring

The Real Value Of Hardwood Flooring

Solid Hardwood Flooring – Not Engineered Wood

Perhaps one of the most desired and treasured part of a homes décor in consumer’s minds is a home that has hardwood flooring. Ask any home realtor they will confirm that a home that has hardwood flooring will sell faster and for more money. Hardwood flooring will add warmth and beauty to any home and it is the most desired floor covering and will increase the value of any home.

The Real Value of Hardwood Flooring

If you stop and analyze the true value that quality hardwood flooring can add to your home it’s a real deal. You can spend $20,000-$80,000 for kitchen cabinets that do not have anywhere near the amount of square footage of valuable wood compared to 6-7 rooms full of solid wood flooring for about $8,000-$10,000. Hardwood Flooring will add warmth and beauty throughout your home. You can refinish or re-coat solid Hardwood flooring several times, which adds to their appeal and to their long life. There are solid hardwood floors that are well over 100 years old and are still in good condition.

wood-floor-typesThere Are Hundreds of Styles and Colors Available

When we think of a solid Hardwood flooring we generally think of the standard strip red oak wood flooring that is 3/4″ thick by 2 1/4″ wide, but solid Hardwood flooring is also available in various sizes from 3 to 6 or more inches wide (called plank floors). Prefinished versions of solid wood flooring are available in various thicknesses from 5/16 – 3/4 thick are sold as random lengths anywhere from 12″ – 84″ long.

If you need flooring a particular size not commonly available in prefinished versions then you can obtain Custom Milled Unfinished flooring in sizes less than 2-1/4 wide or wider than 6 inches wide which are available in different thicknesses made to order. Custom Milled unfinished flooring lengths can exceed 12′ long.

The most common Hardwood flooring species used for solid wood floors are Red Oak Hardwood flooring, White Oak Hardwood flooring, and Maple Hardwood flooring– but many other species are offered.

Solid Prefinished hardwood flooring is not difficult to install and if you use factory prefinished flooring where the finish is applied at the factory and has cured, you will be able to move your furniture back in as soon as the flooring is installed.

What To Expect When Choosing a Hardwood Flooring Style

One of the tips in choosing quality solid wood flooring is to know what you’re purchasing there are several grades that have their own particular price points and visuals. Prefinished flooring is available in most all wood species and stain colors. It is important to remember that wood flooring is a product of nature and no two pieces are alike. Wood flooring is not perfect and it is recommended that you purchase 5-10 % more than you need for cutting and culling waste.

Important Tips on Installing Your New Hardwood Flooring

Even the best wood flooring can react to the presence of moisture. In the dry winter heating months, moisture can leave the wood flooring causing the floor to contract slightly in size, which can leave slight gaps between each floor board. In the summer months when the humidity is higher, the Hardwood flooring will expand and the gaps will disappear. If there is too much moisture it may cause the wood planks to swell and cup, or buckle. This is why it is important when installing solid Hardwood flooring to allow the new wood flooring to acclimate to its new environment before its installed and to leave the proper expansion area around the perimeter at walls and other fixed objects. To greatly reduce the natural movement of any wood It is important to try and keep the homes relative humidity at between 40 – 55%. Doing this will help minimize any movement within the wood flooring later.

Where Can Solid Hardwood Floors Be Installed?

Solid Hardwood flooring is sensitive to moisture and it is not recommended to install these floors below ground level, or directly over a concrete slab due to these areas having higher concentrations of moisture. Solid Hardwood flooring are for nail-down installations only, with the exceptions of a few manufacturers that state you can direct glue down 5/16 inch thick solid Hardwood flooring.

hardwood-floor-installerLooking To Upgrade With Hardwood Flooring Now?

US Hardwood Floors began as a small, family-owned business in 1990, and today we’re one of the Florida’s leading hardwood installers. We think it’s because we unite superb craftsmanship, impeccable quality, and innovative design to offer virtually all American made hardwood flooring that’s simply unmatched in beauty and durability. Providing Quality Work Since 1990. Upgrade Your Home Today with the look of Hardwood floors. Being one of the best improvements you can make to your home, it only makes sense to have the best install it. Call 954-927-7717 for Your Home, Boat, or Business!

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